Construction Drone Services

Actionable data for Building Information Modeling

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We provide from our aerial platforms actionable data for all your construction needs.

Construction site aerial picture

Building Information Modeling

Point cloud scanning to aid Building Information Modeling

Aerial photography at different stages of construction for marketing campaigns

Site Safety

Reduced need for working at height

Improved site logistics Conducting structural inspections to ensure safety procedures are in place

3D Modeling and 2D Mapping

Site inspections and land surveying before construction begins

Generate collaborative maps and 3D models Create accurate contour maps

Our Team

Construction Drone Services is a co-operation between three drone companies, each with their own individual set of skills and equipment. We also work with other professionals in construction and 3D modeling to create bespoke services for our clients.

Iain Campbell

Bird’s Eye Drones

Iain is the owner of Bird’s Eye Drones and specialises in 3D modeling.

CDS Perth 01738 700 141

Chris Coull

Aloft Imaging

Chris is the owner of Aloft Imaging and specialises in orthophotography & thermal imaging.

CDS Glasgow 0141 280 8895

Dr David Redpath


David specialises in drone technology and software development.

CDS Edinburgh 0131 510 8640

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