Accurate Stockpile Measurement with Drones

Accurate Stockpile Measurement with Drones

Stockpile Measurement via Drone

Whether you work in the construction, mining, or aggregates sectors, stockpile management is a critical requirement on any job site. But stockpile measurement can be unsafe, time-consuming, and expensive. This puts you in a difficult position. You need accurate data to run your business operations, but you shouldn’t have to send your survey team into the field for hours to clamber across stockpiles on a dangerous job site.

Want to know more how we can help with your stockpile measurement, then speak to a regional member of our team today.

What if you could gather the same survey data in minutes from the safety of the ground, all while achieving higher accuracy and freeing up your survey team to focus on other high-priority projects? Sound too good to be true? Nope. Drones can help.

While you may be familiar with drone photography, drones are also a trusted tool for surveying and stockpile measurement. They eliminate many of the challenges companies face with traditional survey solutions. And drones paired with powerful photogrammetry software can help lower your data collection costs, increase accuracy, save you time, and keep your team out of harm’s way — all without having to hire an entire survey team or invest in expensive laser or lidar hardware.

At Construction Drone Services we believe in our team and technology because of its rapid deployment capability and quality of information. Construction Drone Services can provide accurate stockpile data and site 3D models with our partners which will meet your needs first time on time.

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