Embrace Digital Twins In Construction Sites

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Embrace Digital Twins In Construction Sites

A digital twin is essentially a link between a real world object and its digital representation that may be monitored continuously using data from the sensors.

The digital representation is later used for visualization, modelling, analysis, simulation and further planning. This data triggers the feedback loop of decisions and changes in workflows that influence the control processes of the real object system. For construction, using digital twins means always having access to as-built and as-designed models, which are constantly updated. This allows companies to monitor progress against the schedule as laid out in a construction or BIM process.

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Digital twin applications on construction sites:

1. As-built vs as-designed models Using Digital Twins

With a real-time digital twins, it is possible to track changes in an as-built model. Early detection of any discrepancies can lead to a detailed analysis of historical modelling data, which adds information for any further decision-making processes.

2. Resource planning and logistics

According to the Construction experts, about 25% of productive time is wasted on unnecessary movement and handling of materials.

Digital twin technology provides resource allocation monitoring and waste tracking, allowing for efficient resource management. With digital twin technology, companies would avoid over-allocation of resource requirements on construction sites, thus avoiding the need to move resources over long distances and improving time management.

3. Progress monitoring

Progress monitoring verifies that the completed work is consistent with plans and specification. By reconstructing an as-built state of a building or structure you can compare it with an as-planned execution in BIM and take corresponding actions to correct any deviations.

4. Safety monitoring

The construction industry is one of the most dangerous sectors in the world. The construction site digital twins allows your company to track resource and hazardous places on a site, so as to prevent unsafe storage of materials and activity in hazardous areas.

Collecting Your Data

There’s an abundance of means for getting data for digital twins successfully. Some of the most common methods utilise drones and time-lapse cameras. Drone manufacturers are making specialized versions of drones that are combined with data management platforms, which can automatically perform surveying, mapping, 3D reconstruction, as well as take volumetric measurements.

3D Reconstruction: Conventional Photogrammetry

Photogrammetry is the science of taking measurements from photographs and recovering the exact positions of surface points. It is currently used in many areas — architecture, engineering, manufacturing, quality control, and others. In most cases, the goal of photogrammetry is to reconstruct a 3D scene from given photos by aligning the real world coordinates to image coordinates and finally generating a points cloud. More info is available in our article here.

There are two types of photogrammetry:

Aerial photography is taken from elevated positions like cranes and drones etc.

Close-range photogrammetry is when the camera is located closer to the object and is usually hand-held or mounted on a tripod.

Benefits of BIM

1:Better Collaboration and Communication

2: Reduced Cost and Mitigated Risk

3: Improved Scheduling/Sequencing

4: Safer Construction Sites

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