Construction site aerial picture
Construction site aerial picture

We provide aerial photography and video capture using drones, supplemented by elevated pole and ground cameras. These are the basis of our core services listed below which can be used in many stages of the architectural and construction process:

3D Modeling

To create highly detailed 3D models we use photogrammetry. The great advantage of 3D models over video and photography is that they are interactive allowing each stakeholder to focus on their particular area be it ground works, structure, roofing or overall site management.


Using video can be a fast means to communicate sense of place a building will reside prior to its design. During construction video provides rapid navigation of site progress to all stakeholders. On completion video can be used for marketing material and is beneficial to all contractors and managers to highlight the quality of the build that has been delivered.


In construction a photograph is a simple means of communicating intent and progress of a project. These might be technical images for managers or creative images for marketing. On completion photography is used for promotional materials print and digital.

As specialist drone operators we work closely with architects, project management, contractors and agencies to ensure our images and video are always supplied to meet your needs. If you would like to discuss how we may benefit you project please contact us.